Autoflowering Cannabis has Provided the Possibility of Fast Harvest


Naturally, autoflowering cannabis seeds originate during the middle of spring season i.e. in the month of April and every single female plant grows for the complete spring season and part of summer. Then after the 21 June (considering we stays in northern hemisphere) or 21 December (considering if in the southern hemisphere), days starts becoming shorter and nights are longer. Every single plant reacts to longer time interval of dark and starts to flower in the beginning of August. The flowers, also named as “buds” then ripe completely in about 45 to 70 days or more than that. Due to this, cannabis grower suffer lot and they are left with two possibilities: they have options either to wait till the end of September before buds getting ready to be harvested or they need to cover the plants every single day in a way that plant remains in dark for 12 hours per day, by this they can provoke the flowering artificially.   


Autoflowering Seeds completes lifecycle of germination independently in 60 days





















In this context, Autoflowering marijuana seeds are the fast and best solution for our world as they run very fast and don’t provide us time to do the things. Now after the time span of nearly about 2 decades that passed by in selective breeding, marijuana breeders have somehow managed to produce the seeds that are conversant in generating female plant that accomplish their lifecycle in just 60 days and this lifecycle includes seedling to appropriately ripe cannabis flower. These seeds are given adjective autoflowering because they flower by own from unspecified number of hours of dark that they received every day. They are active generating the seeds to an extent that they can flower even under 24 hours of light per day. These all consequences don’t matter at all for them. People who grow them possess the possibility to harvest very fast and that too under the most unique conditions and locations i.e. both outdoor and indoor. 


By this, best autoflowering seeds have provided us the possibility to grow which was not provided before because of the reasons of time and space. After doing experiments for time intervals of decades, techniques and procedures of productions of these kinds of seeds have become mature now. This technique had make possible to reach the 90% of the harvest of 85% of the THC content in comparison to traditional strains and at same point of time, it also become possible to save time up to 33%. These statistics are enough to understand how successful these autoflowering cannabis seeds are. To avail more information about the autoflowering seeds and the process of their germination, click here at